WildNature Wilderness Immersion Weekends


WildNature Is a collaboration between wilderness enthusiasts, nature mentors, and outdoor skills educators Shane Furlong of Wild Places and Marc Barker of NatureConnect,brought to life and inspired by Shane and Marc’s own nature connection journeys, and the trainings, teachings and experiences they have gathered along the way. Emboldened and motivated by the richness and vitality this journey has brought to their lives, they are excited to open the door to others to step into this journey through WildNature.  An invitation to Re-Wild, and dare to be fully alive. An opportunity to step out of the time-bound day to day of responsibilities and immerse within the timelessness and richness of the flows and cycles of the natural world through ancestral crafts, naturalist knowledge, nature connection practices and time spent building relationship with the landscape and each other. 

Why This Is Needed – ReWilding is an idea whose time has come. The old ways are new again and at a time where they are most needed during this period of precipitous change in our world. At a landscape scale – allowing our ecosystems to regenerate and finding ways to lightly tend land has the potential to heal our planet and climate. At a community and individual scale – restoring and exploring old ways of being and immersing ourselves in the natural world has the potential to heal the wounded parts of ourselves. Deep Nature Connection has the potential to heal the world and return us to a state of respect, care, and reverence for the Earth to ensure its vitality for generations to come.

What To Expect  You can expect time together outside, building connection to yourself, others and the natural world through crafting and practical skills, games, embodied experience, leave-no-trace camping, sensory awareness, story and song, reflection and journeying. 

Wilderness immersion weekends will be a mix of skills transfer through clear instructional teaching, artful and playful facilitation for concept exploration and integration and simple and inviting ceremony to share gratitude for the Earth. 

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