Comeragh Wilderness Camp – County Waterford, Ireland

“Marc is very energetic and has volumes of information and inspiration about learning through nature. Very engaging with people and lots of skills to offer groups or individuals of all ages. From simple team games to lighting a fire by friction he will inspire you to be more creative. Our team at Comeragh Wilderness Camp was made stronger by interacting with Marc’s mentoring program”

Steve Gabriel – Wellspring Forest Farm and School

“Marc brings care, compassion, and an incredible skill for teaching and connection to people of all ages. His stories are my favorites! An experience with Marc out in the woods and fields is sure to be one you won’t soon forget.”

Daniel Rhodes (Education Coordinator – Bradford County Conservation District, Pennsylvania, USA)

“Marc is a master at framing activities, setting a stage for future learning and turning everyday average rocks, trees, plants and animals that most people dismiss as ‘just a…_____’ into mythological figures, magical substances, tools and resources used by heroes of the past and present to slay dragons, hunt woolly mammoths and otherwise miraculously survive with nothing but one’s senses, hands, mind and ingenuity!”

Rob Hamshar (Outdoorsman)

“Marc strikes a balance between grounded stability and childlike magic that both comforts and invigorates.  The experience of being out in nature has many layers to it, and Marc excels at helping people open to and connect with each and everyone one of them.”

Jeremiah Aviel (Lead Instructor – Primitive Pursuits and Founder – Black Panther Adventure)

“Marc is an amazing mentor who brings life to history, nature, and stories through his enthusiasm for people to connect with the land. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table through his diverse background. Working with Marc over several years at Primitive Pursuits helped hone my mentoring skills as I watched him lead groups of all ages. Choosing to learn from Marc isn’t a decision you’ll regret!”

John Chilkotowsky (Former Director Primitive Pursuits)

“Marc wears a magical cloak of storytelling everywhere he goes, though it looks like whatever he’s got on that day and you only realize it’s the end of an amazing day at his programs when he says “The End”. My daughters miss Marc as an instructor though they are happy to hear he is spreading his magic in Ireland!”

Tim Drake (Co-Founder Primitive Pursuits)

“If you are looking for heart, drive and talent in the nature connection world and you have chanced upon Marc then you are in luck! Marc shares ancestral skills of wilderness living with children of all ages in a way that is both exciting and accessible. There is a community that forms around this type of work and Marc is masterful at helping each person find their seat in it, around the table, the campfire, and in the circle.”