8 Years Experience as a Nature Mentor for ALL ages

-Wilderness First Aid

– Staff and Personal Development Training

– Program Planning, Implementation, and Troubleshooting

– Storytelling: Stories to Inspire, Motivate, Focus, Teach, Expand, Orient and Enjoy

– Wilderness Survival: Priorities, Attitude, and Know-how

– Bushcraft: Shelter making, Friction Fire, Cordage Making, Trapping, Bow Making, Hide Tanning, Basket Making, Primitive Cooking, Woodcraft, Wildcraft

– Naturalism: Ecology, Bird Language/Animal Behaviour, Tracking, Natural Navigation, Herb and Tree identification

– Social Ecology and Developmental Science

“Marc is a master at framing activities, setting a stage for future learning and turning everyday average rocks, trees, plants and animals that most people dismiss as ‘just a…_____’ into mythological figures, magical substances, tools and resources used by heroes of the past and present to slay dragons, hunt woolly mammoths and otherwise miraculously survive […]

Daniel Rhodes (Education Coordinator – Bradford County Conservation District, Pennsylvania, USA)