10+ Years Experience as a Nature Mentor for ALL ages

-Wilderness First Aid

– Staff and Personal Development Training

– Program Planning, Implementation, and Troubleshooting

– Storytelling: Stories to Inspire, Motivate, Focus, Teach, Expand, Orient and Enjoy

– Wilderness Survival: Priorities, Attitude, and Know-how

– Bushcraft: Shelter making, Friction Fire, Cordage Making, Trapping, Bow Making, Hide Tanning, Basket Making, Primitive Cooking, Woodcraft, Wildcraft

– Naturalism: Ecology, Bird Language/Animal Behaviour, Tracking, Natural Navigation, Herb and Tree identification

– Social Ecology and Developmental Science

“Marc wears a magical cloak of storytelling everywhere he goes, though it looks like whatever he’s got on that day and you only realize it’s the end of an amazing day at his programs when he says “The End”. My daughters miss Marc as an instructor though they are happy to hear he is spreading […]

John Chilkotowsky (Former Director Primitive Pursuits)