The NatureConnect Vision

To grow the roots of community, connection, regenerative culture and environmental stewardship for a flourishing future through collaborative practices focused around outdoor education and Nature-Based Mentoring.

The principal intention of individual sessions is to cultivate the conditions for THRIVING for life. The heart of programmes aspires to inspire, motivate and mentor those looking deepen their connection to the Earth, themselves, and their communities. Our participants develop strong naturalist skills, wilderness awareness, earth living skills, creative thinking and more – gaining inspiration from the land and a felt heritage for, understanding and value of PLACE.

Whether you are involved in an existing educational organization wanting to collaborate on nature-based learning, a Forest School Leader working to develop yourself as a successful practitioner, or an individual hoping to grow your repertoire of outdoor skills – NatureConnect can assist you in meeting your goals.

Nature-Based Mentoring:

  • Connects people through lived experiences to the world around them
  • Utilizes time-honored outdoor skills and traditions to bring people into direct relationship with their local environments and communities.
  • Emphasizes routines of connection over information-filled lessons
  • Optimizes awareness of the present moment
  • Meets people where they are at, rather than setting expectations
  • Promotes personal development, confidence, competence, and sense of self
  • Teaches through play, role-modeling, shared curiosity, and “growing edges”
  • Holistically engages body, mind, and spirit
  • Rekindles our natural ecology

“If you are looking for heart, drive and talent in the nature connection world and you have chanced upon Marc then you are in luck! Marc shares ancestral skills of wilderness living with children of all ages in a way that is both exciting and accessible. There is a community that forms around this type […]

Tim Drake (Co-Founder Primitive Pursuits)